about Mark…

M. NijenhuisMe? Creating opportunities in a changing (technological) reinventing society.

Passionate about organizational & continuous improvements (people, resources, sustainability, technology), process & organizational optimization/design and managing changes within the profits, non-profits and NGO’s. Converting people, culture, (big) data insights, technology, innovation & ideas, from concept into well-running organizations.
Creating (and managing) opportunities in a changing (technological) reinventing society.
Involved and managing sustainability issues and topics such as nature & climate conservation and biobased & circular economy.
Seasoned in operational & delivery management (project & program leadership), post merger integration (PMI) and carve out. Support and guidance after the merger or acquisition with the culture and organization alignment.

Getting things done and moving. With a smile 😉

My work is my hobby, I offer assistance and support to businesses and their board who are on a transformation journey, guided when defining mission, vision and how to get (and stay) there. I coach, guide and support individual professionals and cosmopolitans.
I live in the Netherlands – Amsterdam area.
I regard myself as a citizen of the world, concerned and involved in the daily challenges of our environment.
Married with Jeannette and a very proud dad.
Interests and hobbies:
I am ‘Addicted to Water’, passionate and devoted to outdoor, traveling, sports, mountaineering & hiking, kenpo-kai, kayaking / canoeing, sailing, bushcrafting, hiking, caving, diving and everything that lives, grows and breathes. Reading, technology & science, sustainability, social and climate investments, global climate control (sustainability, safety, environment and innovation), cooking, whiskey, wine, wining and dining.

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